Church Staff

Carrie Gunning


Carrie Gunning joined the staff in 2003 following careers in human resource management and administration. She and her husband, Dave, have three children: Chris, Heath, A.J and her husband, Renaldo and 6 grandchildren. Carrie enjoys reading new books and writing.

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David Clark


David Clark came to Boones Creek Christian in 2001 from a long-term ministry in Titusville, Florida. David graduated from Milligan College and East Tennessee State University with selected studies at Emmanuel Christian Seminary. He has a passion for preaching, families, and world missions. David is married to Jill.  Their son, Paul, is a missionary to Haiti along with his wife, Kate, and daughter.  Daughter, Kelly, and her husband, James, have 2 boys and live in FL.  David's interests include photography and motorcycle excursions.

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David Eversole


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Laurie Harvey


Laurie Harvey joined Boones Creek Christian in 2001 after careers as a teacher and hospital lab tech.  She attended Johnson University and graduated from Milligan College. Laurie loves people and goes the extra mile connecting you with your needs. She enjoys her pets, traveling, gardening and friendships.

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Dick Morris


Dick Morris returned to Boones Creek Christian in 2003 after duel careers in ministry and media. He graduated from Johnson University with additional selected studies at Milligan College and Emmanuel Christian Seminary. Dick volunteers support for several mission/church media needs. Most of Dick's family lives in Tennessee. His interests include media production and exploring the mountains.

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Blake Shropshire


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Tammie Payne


Tammie Payne RN has been on staff since 2004 and is a nursing graduate from East Tennessee State University. Tammie says: "I love people and I love to help them with their physical needs. I like to be there to help integrate them through their health care needs or otherwise."She and her husband, John, enjoy their children Katie and son-in-law Josh. Tammie enjoys dinners with friends, cooking, spending time on the lake and riding in her convertible.

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Justin Davis


Justin Davis joined Boones Creek Christian in 2006 after graduating from Kentucky Christian University where he studied youth and family ministries and Bible.  He is married to Amber and has 2 daughters.  Justin and an amazing volunteer staff lead creative programs (1st  through 5th grades) designed to "get kids into the Bible... and the Bible into kids."  Justin loves time with his family, sports, coaching, and jogging.

Lee Hunt