Our nursery is set up into two areas, the infant side and the toddler or movers side. Our infant area is equipped with rocking chairs, clean cribs, sectioned off feeding area, changing table, and age-appropriate toys like clean bouncer seats, swings, and many others.  Our movers' side also has a changing area, climbing blocks, a snack table, and many other toys for our older babies to play with.  We provide non-allergenic snacks on the movers' side, such as animal crackers or goldfish.  We also have a registered nurse at the nursery at all times.

 We have our nursery and preschool check-in station where all nursery-aged children are signed in and assigned a pager in case parents need to be reached during the service.  Every child is given a nametag with any important information the teacher needs to know printed on the tag.  All volunteers have passed a criminal background check.  The safety of your child is very important to us and we take it very seriously.

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