Moms In Prayer - Personal Testimonies

Debbie Riggs

Moms in Prayer has blessed my life in so many ways.  As a high school teacher, I see every day the needs of children and the many problems that they have to face.  I first wanted to join Moms in Prayer because I felt that prayer was the best thing I could do for our schools and these children.  I then became a grandmother and realized that the best thing I could give my grandchildren was to pray for them with other women.

 In Moms In Prayer our prayer time is broken down into Praising God for who He is, Silent Confession, Thanking Him for all He has done and then praying specific Bible verses for our children and grandchildren, students and teachers of local schools.

 Not only are we praying for these schools and children, but also what has really strengthened me and has helped me to grow as a Christian have been the praise times.  Each week we choose a different attribute of God and we read verses from the Bible that show that attribute.  Then we praise God for that attribute and this has made me realize what an awesome, holy, loving Father we serve and realizing how much He loves us.   His presence with us at these meetings is so precious.  For He says in His word in Matthew 18:20, "Whenever two or three gather in my name, there I am with thee."

I invite anyone who wants to pray for their own children and schools, grandchildren or just care about the children in our schools to come and pray.

Meredith Fox

Moms in Prayer has always provided me with some spiritual reassurance despite the craziness that goes on in daily life. I often come to work and immediately start looking at all the problems I need to address.  Then I see an email from my mom with the scripture and prayers that you both have said for us that morning and it provides me with the peace I need to get through the day.