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Our ministry in Mexico City began in April of 1995. Since then we have been involved in two church planting projects, the North Side Christian Church and the Eagles Christian Church. At this time we are disengaging from the work at the Eagles’ church. It is now five and a half years old and this past summer the congregation ordained Ruben Fuentes as a Minister of the gospel of Christ Jesus and immediately called him as their pastor. He and his wife Jorcy have been instrumental in the work since we began it. Kay and I continue to serve the congregation as part of the leadership team (we prefer to see ourselves as consultants) serving alongside of Ruben and Jorcy.

Kay is involved in the children’s ministry at the Eagles’ church, teaches English one day a week for the community center and takes care of our missionary team as the Team Leader (among other things). Steve participates on the worship team accompanying on the electric guitar, helps occasionally with the preaching, and in numerous other ways. As members of the congregation’s leadership team we meet with and encourage the church council, which is a committee made up of approximately ten adults and youth.

Meanwhile we are getting to know a new neighborhood with the intention of starting Bible studies in the neighborhood in the near future. It is both new to us and is new as it has only been around for three to four years. It is a gated community but allows visitors to enter. The community has approximately 2,500 units. Some 500 units are still empty. A few small open air restaurants have been started and some equally small corner markets. We have taken to visiting in the neighborhood once to twice a week. We park next to the taqueria (taco restaurant) and hamburger stand. They are owned by the same man. Next to the taco stand is a corner market. We have used our visits to get to know the young men and women that operate the two restaurants/stands. We now know them by name and can visit with them openly. Steve drove out to the neighborhood early one morning to play some basketball with the young men. The owner of the corner market joined us and Steve was able to get to know him as well. Our prayer is for the Lord to lead us to the individual(s) with whom we are to start our first study. The type of study we are anticipating starting is both an accountability group as well as a Bible study. We would keep the groups to two or three people and multiply them when they reach four people. The Bible study assignment each week will be rereading the same five chapters for at least five days a week. In the weekly study we will share using our accountability questions, pray for our friends, and share what we learned from the scripture reading done that week.


Personally we are doing well. Skype and other internet programs have made it very easy to keep in contact with our children, Natasha and Benjamin, who attend Milligan College in upper East Tennessee. Natasha is a senior with a major in elementary education and a minor in missions. Benjamin is a junior with a major in Bible and a minor in digital communications. Both are active in the local church.