Elementary Volunteer

Elementary (1st through 5th Grades)

Our elementary program is a very rewarding area to volunteer!  The kids love to play, sing, learn, and meet new people!  We need people to be greeters, substitute teachers, help run audio/video equipment, and to be in "The Warehouse", the elementary worship room, to help during the worship hour, which is mostly playing games and leading small group discussion.  No matter what position you are interested in, we will train you and make sure that you have everything that you need in order to be successful and love your ministry.  If you would like to help serve in our elementary area, just like every other area in our children's programs, you must first pass our background check, then we will talk with you to figure out what area fits best with your passions and schedules.  Please fill out the information below so we can contact you about serving in this ministry.

Elementary Ministry Volunteering

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